Was Andrew Jackson A Good? Essay

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Was Andrew Jackson a “good” president? The presidency of Andrew Jackson has sparked controversy as to whether or not he really was the patriotic war-hero many have made him out to be. Despite the speculation of Jackson’s success as president, it can be agreed upon that Andrew Jackson made great strides for the United States during his imperfect presidency. Andrew Jackson accomplished much during the two terms he served as president. One notable feat of Jackson was that he was able to pay off the entirety of the national debt shortly after being elected. Before being elected, Jackson worked as a land speculator in Tennessee and, through work, developed a steady hatred for debt, paper money, and banks. He carried this hatred with him into his presidency, and worked diligently to pay off the immense national debt that had accumulated from previous war. Jackson was able to pay off the national debt in several, concise ways. President Jackson began to sell off some of Western, federal land, and blocked many spending bills that would increase the national debt. For example, he vetoed a bill that proposed to build national highways, as Jackson thought it to be “bad policy” and unconstitutional. In doing so, Andrew Jackson became the first president to use the “pocket veto”, in which a president could kill a bill by choosing not to act on it. Jackson was able to pay off the $58-million national debt that plagued the country in less than six years. One of Andrew Jackson’s…

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