Warriors Don't Cry Essay

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Warriors Don’t Cry
Melba Pattillo Beals
Pocket Books
U.S.A.: Washington Square Press, 1995
312pp. $14.00

Before 1954 you would never have seen an African American in a White school. Once 1954 rolled around and the U.S. Supreme Court came to the decision to end segregation. In “Warriors Don’t Cry,” Melba Pattillo shares her story with the world of just how tough it was to be one of the first black students in an all white school. Her story shows how her perseverance and the mental and physical torture she went through would change the world forever. Melba Pattillo was one of 9 students to integrate Central High school in Little Rock, Arkansas. She and the 8 others became known as the little rock 9. Many of the
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Melba eventually married a white soldier, john, who reminded her of her protector from the 101st airborne division. Although they split up Melba now tells her story around the world to shed hope on others and show they too can overcome. In Melba’s book, she does a wonderful job of showing the world the anguish she went through. Through her writing it is very easy for the reader to feel like they were in her position. When she describes being held down and scalded with water, and her other terrible experiences, it is hard for one to not question how anyone could do this. It is also very uplifting to see how young students could make such a big impact on the world. It really gives hope to others to show that they can accomplish anything if they persist and can put with not just physical but mental pain also. In the book Melba’s grandmother also reaches out to the audience. She was the driving force for Melba and got her through the treacherous school year. Many readers can relate Melba’s grandmother to someone that has guided them through some troubled situation. The only negative side of the book is you don’t really get a view in detail how her life is today. All together “Warriors Don’t Cry,” is a magnificent book that really puts the reader in the shoes of Melba so they can experience the strength it took for Melba and the other 8 students to be integrated into a

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