Warring Brothers Movie Analysis

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Warring Brothers.
One common peninsula, one common language, one common history and ancestory, one common culture, yet so many differences. Indeed since the end of World War II, North and South Korea have evolved differently leading to two antagonistic states ; South Korea has become the 10th biggest world economy while North Korea is now the most ‘withdraw into its shell’ country in the world, a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by terror and propaganda. This dissociation can even be seen in the name of both countries where the term Korea is not written in the same way.
Nowadays, the border between the two Koreas is characterized by a Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) which is misnamed, since it is in fact the most militarized area in the world.
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Not at all. The Secret Reunion directed by Jang Hun would be another perfect example.
Taking as the backdrop the North and South Korean conflict, The Secret Reunion will probably perturb more than one spectators. The movie get off to a flying start depicted by a very serious tone along with bloody executions where the two protagonists Lee Han-gyu and Song Ji-won compete without having the opportunity to meet face to face.
‘’Married to a North Korean defector(…)’’, ‘’These westernized women are all whores, try to remember that’’ are quotes that are said by Shadow after killing a whole family without blinking an eye. From such sentences anyone would expect an enthralling contentious thriller between the two countries with on one side, the South Korean agents trying to catch the bad North Korean ones who kill their own fellow countryman because they betrayed their Great Leader and the Nation. No, really, is not that what you were waiting for after watching the first twenty minutes of The Secret Reunion ? If that is the case, go on your way, there is nothing for you to see because the main plot has little nay nothing to do with the beginning of the film

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