Essay Warren Jeffs, One Of The Utah And Arizona Polygamous Leader

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Warren Jeffs, one of the Utah and Arizona polygamous leader’s, placed on the FBI’s ten most wanted fugitives list, and is now in prison with charges of pedophilia and child abuse. Other men like Jeffs take part in underage courtships, in small isolated polygamous communities known as the Order, ran by the Fundamental Church of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) in Salt Lake City, Utah. These isolated polygamous communities belong to multiple families that consist of one man married to multiple women, these men are head of each family household and usually are classified as higher order men that control the community and church. The majority of men are given full control over a community, while some young men are exiled, because they are seen as competition who could potentially take away ‘their’ women. But young women are being forced to marry within these families as young as fourteen (Strauss 2012, 518), because the FLDS lifecycle must continue, these young women are marrying their uncles, first and second cousins. Although most FLDS women feel this lifestyle is ideal, they are being told “in order to be granted access into the holy kingdom, they must understand this religious rite” (Embry 1984, 56). The existing patriarchy in polygamous families and communities leaves female members and children to face a lack of freedom, unequal gender roles, poverty and abuse.
One of the biggest dangers of living in this polygamous community is underage marriages, as it restricts women,…

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