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Global Warming; the general increase in the overall temperature of the atmosphere. But also a frequently debated subject that many consider to be a myth. This report will detail the seemingly inapparent effects of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the Earths atmosphere. Using arguments from scientific, political and even that of multimedia perspectives to highlight relative opinions on the topic of global warming.

Global Warming is assumed by leading experts in climate science to be caused by “Greenhouse Effect”. The Greenhouse effect is when particular gases such as water vapour (H20) a gas that acts as a feedback to the climate, it increases as the Earth warms. Nitrous Oxide(N2O) a gas that can be produced by the use of organic and commercial
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Whilst other scientists have speculated that it is purely humans increase in CO2 concentration through such activities as burning fossil fuels. Livescience.com have reported the increase of temperature present in planet earth is not an exclusive characteristic, there have been numerous studies to show that other planets such as Mars and Pluto have had a dramatic rise in base temperature. This leads scientists to believe that it is not the greenhouse effect that has heated the Earth 's surface, but rather the contribution of heat from the sun. Scientists argue that the sun can be blamed for up to 30 per cent of the Earth 's warming- a study from Columbia university backs this evidence up. In a 75 year study scientists detected no sunspot activity. This study coincided with a ‘mini ice age’. This was called the “Maunder Minimum” and was founded during the coldest part of this ice age, which affected Europe and North America for the most part of 350 years. This study is to be thought to correlate with the increase in solar brightness and could contribute to the Earth’s slow build up to global warming. Around 1990 scientists started to notice the suns increase of heat that reached earth after years of the sun not contributing to any known global warming, the sudden reverse is still being studied, explaining why it is …show more content…
You do not necessarily have to be a scientist to understand that we are experiencing hotter summers. But on a more scientific note I feel like the information really convinces me that global warming is a happening anomaly and the science behind it convinces me that CO2 is behind or not the cause of it all. It is apparent that CO2 emission is at an all time high and I fully believe that it could be the cause of the temperature increase around the globe. Before writing this report I assumed that the Earth was just getting hotter, there was no real reason it just was. I never really identified any scientific reason as to why the ice was melting or why the summers were getting hotter, after researching different perspectives and understanding the science I feel like I can give my educated opinion and say that global warming is a real and happening thing and it is caused by high amounts greenhouse gas emission. I personally think that society needs to play its part in the reduction of Greenhouse gas emission and to do that they need to be educated on the effects of essentially polluting the Earth. This is currently the only planet humans can survive on so is that no incentive enough to take care of

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