Armada Johnson Control: A Warehouse Management System

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4.3.1 Warehouse Management System
Warehouse management system that PT. Armada Johnson Control implement is a MFG/PRO software. MFG/PRO is a fully loaded ERP system, which is used by thousands of manufacturing companies for many years. First release of MFG/PRO has been introduced by QAD Inc. In 1986 and since then, the new version of this software is released every 18 months. Over the last 20 years the system functionality was improved significantly, while general ‘’look-and-feel’’, as well as the general structure is still the same.
The system consists of groups of related business activities called ‘modules’. In some cases two related activities are combined in one module (Items/Sites for example). Some of the modules are distribution, manufacturing, financial, service support, master files,
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Commodity is like metal and plastic, pickers put and storage into two places which are on floor and racking but the lowest part of rack and on floor is used to sort and put metal commodity, because metal commodity is heavy weight. If we put and sort on top rack of course, it’s hard to do so and also it will break the rack. For the plastic commodity can be put and sort on top of the part of rack or middle. The Order Picking system not only implemented in layout of pick area and zoning, but also in batching at PT. Armada Johnson Control.

4.3.4 Batching

PT. Armada Johnson Control using batching as process of grouping customer orders together and jointly releasing them for picking. Batching is a popular strategy to improve productivity due to the reduction in order picking travel time. Instead of traveling through the warehouse to pick a single order, the picker completes several orders with a single trip. Hence, the travel time per pick can be reduced (Koster & Yu, 2008). This process believed to improve the order picking performance in the warehouse at PT. Armada Johnson

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