War and the Efects of It Essay

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First day of Somme
Before the first day of Somme there was 5 days of bombing by the British to the German trenches hoping to keep the Germans in their trenches and destroy the barbed wire.
It is the bloodiest day in the history of the British army with around 60,000 men either killed, injured or missing. Inexperienced British men attempted to advance across ’No man’s land’. Wave after wave of infantrymen were shot down and killed by German gunners and artillery.
All of this resulted in Britain advancing hardly anywhere and making very little inroads into the German defence.

Going over the top
When going over the top men faced machine guns firing at them and other artillery. Also getting through ‘No man’s land’ is hard because there
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In the meantime, Owen was given a job where he did not have to do any fighting. Siegfried Sassoon had been seriously wounded in the war and when the two spent an afternoon together he tried to persuade Owen not to go back. When Owen was declared fit to return to France to fight he knew he had little choice. He returned to France in July 1918. He had been accused of being a coward before so he was determined to prove himself as a better soldier. On 1 October 1918 he led his men in an attack near the village of Joncourt. His bravery was recognised and he was awarded the Military Cross. Unfortunately, he was killed shortly afterwards while trying to cross the Sambre canal with his men. He died at the age of 25, only a week before the end of the war. He is regarded as one of the leading poets in WW1 because of his poems about trench and gas warfare. He wrote most of his poems to his Mum. His poems were never published apart from the ones that were included in the Hydra, the magazine he published in the hospital he went to. His poems were inspired by Sassoon and had his own techniques and he put them both together to create sympathetic poems that and is now considered a better poet than Sassoon. Propaganda to recruit

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