War Was A Natural Part Of Life Essays

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War has become a natural part of life that every generation will have to deal with. The way people will view war will be dependent upon society. Society during World War I sold young boys a dream about what war was going to be like. They would be able to prove their masculinity, women would love them and that they would be heroes to their country. In reality war was going to be tougher than they ever imagined. With technology being introduced into the war it made it harder for soldiers to become heroes. Technology was single handily taking away the soldiers masculinity. The boys entered the war with a fantasy but left as men who knew the reality of what war was really like. Propaganda has always been used as a tool to get young boys to enlist in the military. Whether it’s through teachers, posters or radios whatever the form is it severs the same purpose to sell young boys a fantasy about what war will be like so they enlist. Propaganda fails to mention the negative effects of war only showcasing the positives. In the movie All Quiet on The Western Front the viewer see the teaching trying to convince his students to enlist. “Today’s heroes will destroy the enemy and that is an honor to wear a uniform”. His words have a powerful impact on the students. All the boys in the classroom besides one are immediately inspired to join the war. The fatherland needs heroes and by going to war the boys are hoping they will return as one (Delbert Mann 1979). On top of being heroes…

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