War : The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Essay examples

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War: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly War. We’ve all heard about it. Some may have even experienced it. It’s not a joking matter. People are dying for reasons some of them do not know about. Kids in Middle Eastern countries are called upon to fight for their countries and many of them do not come back alive. For some, war can be a hard subject to converse about. This, however, is not about a veteran’s war experience or a tear jerking story about a young kid who couldn’t survive the war he was roped into. This is about the many ways war, in and of itself, can be beneficial and harmful to people, countries, and the world. We may not want to believe that war, like many other things, can be beneficial to us. Yet, we all know how it could harm us all. We tend to look at the negative effects of war because that is all we hear of. We hear of how it pulls the world farther apart. In World War II alone there were many positive and negative effects, yet, we tend to fixate on the negative. World War II was the cause of many great advances in America alone. Positives include the removal of social injustices, the advancement of women in the workforce, many technological advances, and the United States established themselves as a dominant power. Yet, war has its downfalls. We lose many loved ones, cause destruction in other parts of the world, and it sometimes seems like war never ends.
The Good
War, even though we are raised to believe that it’s bad, has had its benefits throughout the…

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