War Effects On Society Essay

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The war forced americans to take more active roles in society. It changed the way the world worked and ushered us into a new generation. Women began to work,the entertainment industry changed and everyone’s way of life changed as well as how they used resources,how they interacted with each other and how they saw the world. The dynamic of family,the way foreigners were treated and the opportunities offered, forever changed who we were as a nation. The war turned society upside down and changed American society into an entirely new country,a better country. The change the war caused is still evident in modern day society and has shaped us into what we are today.

The war industry forced women to take a more proactive role in society they were
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The media as well as the US government used propaganda in order to persuade citizens to do their part in the war. The Office of War Information allowed the government to feed their message to the people so that they could fulfill certain tasks and relied on artists,intellectuals,and filmmakers to spread their message.During this time art and advertisement flourished in order to promote the message that the home front was also a battlefield and every aspect of life was going to be affected by this war and they’d need to step up.There were posters created in order to encourage Americans to conserve energy and resources by making their own food. Victory garden’s were promoted as a way to do your patriotic duty. The purpose of propaganda at this time was for financing the war,recruitment, conservation,factory production of war time materials and unifying the home front in order for them all to support the war. Other themes the propoganda posters highlighted were civil defense, war bonds,women power,careless talk, and anti German and Japanese scenarios.They used powerful words in order to appeal to the emotions of the readers quotes like “loose lips sink ships” and “when you ride alone,you ride with Hitler”. Other posters used patriotism to convey the urgency of the situation and make Americans feel like good citizens if they were able to perform these deeds successfully. Without propaganda we wouldn’t …show more content…
Media became one of the most vital parts of the war for anyone on the home front. Americans relied on radio broadcasts,newspapers, and newsreels that played at their local theatres.These three sources played a vital role in communication between those on the home front and those at war. Viewers tuned in to see how the war was going,if there loved ones had recently passed away as well as the impact any changes in the war may have on them and their community. Three times a day news was broadcasted and everyone tuned in order to hear about any new updates and around 50 million Americans watched newsreels every week. Due to the fact that this news was so important to the people and so many people were listening it then it had to undergo censorship. All news about the war had to pass through the Office of War Information. Although our first amendment rights guarantee freedom of speech and press the (OWI) issued a “Code of Wartime Practices for the American Press” on January 15th 1942,which outlined the strict guidelines on properly handling war time news. This code was implemented by all the major news networks and over 1,600 members of the press were recognized by the armed forces for their patriotism. The government heavily relied on the patriotism of reporters and hoped they would continue to highlight the positives. In the fall of 1943 the worry of public complacency resulted in the government allowing networks to show

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