Essay about War on Drugs

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Anthony Peebles
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Never Ending War The United States has been involved in several wars and have declared itself the winner in most. There has been civil wars and world wars that have taken troops around the globe to defend democracy and freedom. America has stood up for those whose human and civil rights were threatened, we have supplied small armies with the funds, equipment, and intelligence needed to defeat the enemy. America has a great track record at defeating its enemy and making sure they don’t show their heads anymore, but since being declared an enemy publicly in 1971 this enemy continues to deliver major blows to America and its citizens. This enemy is not a nation of communist, an insane dictator, or
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After establishing the laws that made alcohol illegal to sale, make, or move, the National Prohibition Act was formed a year later. This act was actually vetoed by President Woodrow Wilson but that veto was overwritten by congress on the same day. The act provided the enforcement of the 18th Amendment and further defined the legal use of alcohol and what an intoxicating beverage was. According to this act an intoxicating beverage was any beverage containing more than 0.5% alcohol. Prohibition lasted for thirteen years, during that time we saw the creation of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics which was established in the United States Department of the Treasury in June of 1930.
While America was fighting to keep drugs and alcohol out many Americans where thinking of ways to get drugs in and move alcohol freely. America started to see an influx in the drugs coming across our borders for Mexico and other countries. America also experienced the raise of bootlegging alcohol and perfecting ways to move about the city with illegal substances undetected by the authorities. In 1933 the 21st Amendment was passed, thus ratifying the 18th Amendment and putting control of the state absolute control of alcoholic beverages. It was stated in a case that “The aim of the Twenty-first Amendment was to allow States to maintain an effective and uniform

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