Essay on War On Drugs : Is It Worth The Fight?

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War on Drugs Right now drugs are becoming an even bigger problem then they have been in the past. New designer drugs are being made. People are lacing drugs with other drugs. It seems that you get more jail time if you have any charge that deals with drugs then if you did any other heinous crime. The question everyone 's asking now is is it worth the fight?
America was first introduced to drugs in the 1800’s. Most of them were used in some medical way. Cocaine was also used the the drink Coca-Cola. People did finally realize how addictive these drugs can be and started setting rules and restrictions.
The Harrison Narcotics Act in 1914 was the first federal drug policy. More acts were created through the years, but in 1940 they started creating propaganda. The citizens did not believe the warnings, because the ads were so crazy. In 1966 they passed the Narcotics Addict Rehabilitation Act that said “narcotic addiction” was now a mental illness.
Now let 's get to modern times. So what exactly is the war on drugs and where does the term originate from? President Richard Nixon was the President to declare war on drugs back in 1871. He was able to stop mexican marijuana from coming to the U.S, but he wasn’t ready for Columbia.
Lots more Presidents added on and tried to help with the war on drugs and end it, but never succeeded. Lots of money was spent and laws put into place. Carter wanted to decriminalize marijuana while Reagan wanted to create stricter policies on drugs and…

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