War of the Roses Essay

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War of the Roses
For my research project I chose the war of the roses because it is interesting and relates to us and where we live. I visited York, England this past Thanksgiving and learned some background on this during our trip. York, England is about 3 hours north of London and is an interesting medieval city with small narrow streets and modern living at the same time.
The war of the roses started on May 22, 1455 with the battle of St. Albans and ended on June 16, 1487 with the battle of Stoke. King Henry VI and the Duke of Somerset, Edmund Beaufort, tried to keep the Duke of York, Richard IV, out of politics. King Henry VI became ill and Richard IV took over power and by the time King Henry VI became healthy again, Richard IV
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This broke the truce with France and almost reopening the 100 year war. At this time the Duke of York returned to England with an army demanding that the Duke of Somerset be put on trial for his actions in France, but was stopped by the kings royal army and was arrested. The Duke of Somerset latter surrendered several towns to France to stop the rehashing of the 100 year war.
After Richard IV’s dismissal of power in the early months of 1455, Richard IV traveled north and got an army together. In May, Richard IV received a summons to attend the king’s council but expected it was a trap. He instead marched south with an army of several thousand men. The King set out with a slightly smaller army on 21st of May in an attempt to stop them from getting to the city of St. Albans. Henry occupied the town of St. Albans and the Yorkists arrived and formed up opposite the town to the East. With little warning, the Yorkists charged the town of St. Albans through two narrow roads which resulted in a lot of Yorkists casualties. The Yorkists eventually broke down the gate to the city of St. Albans taking the town and killing Richard IV’s longtime rival, the Duke of Somerset, Edmund Beaufort. (Weir, Origins of the Conflict, 2012)
The war of the roses started with the battle of St. Albans and ended with the battle of Stoke which lasted 32 years. The battle of Towton was one of the most important battles during this war and is

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