War Is Not Necessary For Global Relations Essay

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War is not necessary for global relations; in fact, it is rarely justified. There is no one clear explanation that everyone on the Earth can use to define war, although according to Cicero the definition of war is, “ a contention by force ”(Quoted in Moseley). This definition implies that war is an argument that results in fighting and can be applied to the most senseless of events such as getting into a fight with a sibling; but it can also be used for significant events such as World War I. When considering the necessity of war, three things come to mind: the goal of peace, the philosophy, and the idea of a simple spat with a sibling. Many wars end the same way: by peace treaties. If the war ends with trying to make the peace, then we should just try to make the peace before the war starts. WWI was a gruesome war with approximately 15 million deaths, but like most wars it ended with a treaty (Kelly). The Treaty of Versailles ended WWI in 1919. This Treaty had fifteen parts to it, but there were only a few that really restricted Germany from being able to continue the war. Part III and Part V took away Germany’s army and weapons, and Part VIII made Germany pay reparations. If Germany had started with a peace treaty agreement, they wouldn’t have had to pay restitution; they could have kept their army and weapons, and wouldn’t have had to be forcefully watched for so long. The Treaty did ultimately cause the deaths of the congressmen who helped write it, but 5-10 deaths…

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