War Is Never Good. War Essay

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War is Never Good
War is a destruction which can be performed with weapons or without weapons. It is caused by several reasons such as inequality and religion. War has never contributed in creating something; it always advocates disaster. War is itself an evil and is on the top of many kinds of evil like unemployment, illness, poverty, illiteracy and instability. Conflict has never done well to anyone. Because of war, peaceful environment fades away. Many people are severely suffering because of the war. I am against war because it destroys human life and unity among people and increases economic and social shortages and pushes us towards unemployment and it exploits the environment and degrades the health of living beings.
War results in several consequences which is mainly caused by religious intolerance. Fighting has never done well to anyone; many people get injured during war and they lose their loved ones and sometimes the wound is so deep they take a lot of time to recover. People lost their body parts during war which makes them disabled for life time. People fighting in the name of religion make it a big issue trying to prove that nothing is superior to their religion; it is worthless. Unjustly taking life of the innocent creatures is not fair. Human life is the main thing that is ruthlessly destroyed by war. Many families lost the person who was their support. Without human beings, the world cannot function well and war results in destruction of human life.…

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