War Is Establishing The Image Of The Enemy Essay examples

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One of the basic goals prior to engaging in war is establishing the image of the enemy. To create an image so vivid that it can “distinguish the act of killing from the act of murder” ( gray )1. In recent wars, nations have found that the sky is the limit, in literal terms, as children in Yemen now fear blue skies for the possibility that the drones might come out and attack2. In times of war, children are no longer a forethought in society. Children often get the worst blows from war, suffering from displacement, injury, starvation , separation from family, witnessing death and destruction, and/or involvement in war. In the comic book Saga, the children suffer from war in their own distinct way and embody different effects that war has on children. Although we often hear that all children are forcefully recruited into war, a large number of these soldiers join voluntarily. For instance, in the region of Ituri of Democratic Republic of Congo most families make solidarity to send at least one of their children to the militias that claim to fight for the interests of their ethnic group3. Likewise, Marko’s parent 's hatred toward the Landfall inhabitants, promoted them to introduce Marko to the war at an early age and later pressuring him to enlist and fight in the war, despite his dislike of violence 4. For those children who do not get introduced to war by their family members, they are often attracted to militia groups for other reasons. Social inequalities, social…

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