War Is An Eclipse? Essay

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War is an eclipse - the darkness that veils prosperity. It has always been associated with negativity and instability. Death and destruction follow every path and the minds of people are thrown into disorder. At times like these, many cannot see any array of hope. However, behind the darkness of the eclipse lies the light of the corona. The corona of positivity that stays strong within adversity and uncertainty. The population most affected by war are the soldiers and the victims. They live, die, and confront both the negative and the positive. However, a soldier’s positivity derives from more brutal and destructive experiences than those of a war victim.
Violence, under many circumstances causes harm to its victims, but it is the blood and lifeline of the soldiers. Ishmael Beah from A Long Way Gone is a prime example of a boy soldier amid war. “We needed violence to cheer us after a whole day of boring traveling and contemplation of about why our superiors let us go” (Beah 136). Beah and the other boys have been exposed to warfare for an ample period that they began to see killing and death as a source of entertainment. After winning a game of slitting throats, Beah was applauded by his comrades. “The boys and the other soldiers who were the audience clapped as if I had just fulfilled one of life’s greatest achievements” (Beah 125). Killing demonstrated ferocity which was respected as power for the boy soldiers. This common attitude displayed by the boys generates a type…

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