Essay on War Is An Art Form And A Science

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The Capitalist Project War is an art form and a science, and an innovative one at that. For it to persist at its utmost peak, Adam Smith declared that “ is necessary that it should become the sole or principal occupation of a particular class of citizens.” (Way 1) Historiographically speaking, what has been written and studied about war is, for the most part, information in regards to combat, and the wars themselves. How soldiers thrived throughout The Seven Years’ War appears to have virtually no relevance when this war is discussed. In all actuality, society and war are interconnected. Perhaps we should accredit soldiers for veering social transformations in our desired direction. After all, they fought, partook in mundane activities, and some abandoned their crafts in everyday to achieve their aspirations of working with better conditions. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, and to say the least, their expectations were surely not met. The Seven Years’ War arose in America in 1754, and Provincials and Regulars were the two predominant groups soldiers were placed in. Provincials were known as “minutemen before their time”, and the regulars “functioned as a cipher for assumptions about British society.” (Way 2) Provincials made more money than the regulars, but they both underwent nearly unequivocal experiences labor-wise. All soldiers were merely paid, military labor, and as Peter Way stated, “They were viewed as repressive aids to the civil power in their suppression…

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