War I And World War II Essay example

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Between World War I and World War II, the United States changed its views on involvement in world affairs. The change can be largely attributed to how Americans viewed freedom. Americans held that the world should be free and that communism did not provide that freedom. The United States expressed its desire for democracy through its trade with other countries before officially entering the war following Japan’s attack on American soil. During World War I, the United States involved itself in the conflict before sending troops to fight through its trade with the Allies. The United States strongly believed that all countries should have democracy, so supporting the countries fighting against communism appealed to the public. At the same time, American factories produced uniforms and ammo that were shipped to the Allies. Farmers’ crops—specifically wheat—were also exported to provide food for the war-torn countries (March 2 Lecture). The Zimmerman telegram, made public in 1917, showed that Germany intended to ally with Mexico, “promising to help it recover territory lost in the Mexican War” (Foner 724). The United States then joined the war, not tolerating Germany’s threats. After World War I, the United States decided that adopting an isolationist view would be beneficial. The country was struggling to recover from the Great Depression, so involving itself in world affairs did not seem like a good idea. Starting from 1935, “lawmakers passed a series of Neutrality Acts that…

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