War Horse Movie Analysis Essay

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War Horse During the first World War, Britain lost approximately 887,000 men, nearly 2% of its population as a whole. To this day, World War 1 remains Britain's costliest conflict. Given the enormous carnage of the war, any serious artistic treatment of World War 1 has to take the basic truths of war into consideration. Such is the case with director Steven Spielberg's film War Horse, adapted from the novel of the same name by Michael Marpurgo. War Horse is a film that follows a horse named Joey over four years as he experiences World War 1. A farmer named Ted Narracott purchases a young Joey to plow his farm and, although his wife Rose disapproves the purchase, his son Albert immediately takes to the animal and trains him for farm …show more content…
When the brothers are later found and executed for abandoning their posts, Joey and the other horse are left behind and found by an old French man and his granddaughter. Several days later, soldiers arrive and raid their farm, taking nearly everything they own for the war effort. Later on, while the granddaughter is outside with the horses, German soldiers discover them and take them for pulling artillery. During the time Joey spends on the front lines, you can see how the war is directly affecting the soldiers and the people assisting them on the front lines. Although the film had a large cast of characters, many of them only had short scenes and, outside of Joey's main caretakers, the majority didn't have names at all. The characters all had varying thoughts and mindsets about the war, and were all played brilliantly. Actor Tom Hiddleston stated in an interview, when asked about his character Captain Nicholls,"[He] is a soldiers poet, the kind whose like was never seen again." One of the last people to care for Joey, a nameless German soldier known as nothing more than the horse caretaker, has a completely different view on the war compared to the soldiers he is surrounded by, and tries to protect the lives of the horses because it is all he can do. Albert's character, although he seems to have a much younger mindset than his actual age, cares greatly for Joey and eventually enlists in the

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