War During World War II Essay

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Title Throughout the course we have read several books related to war from various authors. These authors wrote their works in a multitude of ways. The time periods at which these authors wrote differed immensely. One author wrote at the time of the civil war, others during the Vietnam War, and another during World War II. The style at which they wrote was anything but similar. The variance of literature was as great as their time difference. Some expressed their writings in a way of short stories, poems, novels, science fiction war novels, and memoirs. Some had joined the military out of honor and glory for their country, while others were forced into battle as a necessity to live, although none of them were in the same place or shared the same experiences. All these individuals shared the brutalities, heartache, and scars of war that would be imbedded in them forever. None of these individuals, whether strong or weak, were able to escape the effects of war. All the characters had a form of traumatic stress disorder either at the time of war or after. War is such a dramatic and powerful event that it undoubtedly affects its participants.
In the book “a long way gone: Memories of a Boy soldier” by Ishmael Beah, is a story of a young boy forced to commit atrocities no human, let alone a child, should be forced to do. Ishmael’s story was one of the worst war experiences we read through the class. He was not a trained soldier, but forced into the violence of war when his…

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