Essay War Culture And Its Influence On World War Two

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This intergraded research paper will examine war culture, as described in Political Violence in Twentieth Century Europe by historian James McMillian, within World War Two and its influence on the public perception of the Allied and Axis forces. McMillian describes war culture as the language and representations used by countries in order to justify their cause and alienate the enemy as well as the violence practiced on the battle fields and against the civilian populations. Source This topic allows for an exploration of how one’s culture can influence how one perceives life. The focus of this paper will be McMillian’s theory on war culture and its influence on World War Two. This paper will seek to prove that in the Second World War, war culture thrived resulting in mass propaganda, censorship, and civilian causalities: the result of this prevalent war culture, promoted by the British and German governments, was an influence on public view on nationalism, alienation, and mortality. As outlined in the working thesis of this paper, there are three major points this paper seeks to prove each through three different proofs. The first point to be argued in this paper is that war culture within England and German, influenced the public view on nationalism. The argument to be made here is that war culture influenced this viewpoint positively causing civilians to be more supportive of their government’s decisions within the war. This point will be proved through three different…

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