Essay War By Sebastian Junger Doesn 't Catch My Eye

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When it comes to reading, I am one to judge a book by its cover and to be honest, War by Sebastian Junger didn’t catch my eye nor did the blurb captivate me. Ordinarily, it’s not a book that I would pick up and choose to read. All I was thinking was ‘great, a book on war, this is going to be a snooze and be like a research book’ and especially as it focuses on the war that happened in Afghanistan, I just assumed it would talk about the strategies taking place in the war, statistics and why it was happening etc. However, needless to say, I still had to read it and it wasn’t what I thought it would be. What really intrigued me at first, before actually reading it, was the fact that the book is separated into three parts, ‘Fear’, ‘Killing’ and ‘Love’. What I gathered and assumed from that, was that Junger would write in a chronological order of the way of a life of a soldier is played out. Meaning, the before, during and after of a war. Continuing, getting a visual aid of a drawing of the map of the Korengal Valley really helped out figuring out their location so we can track where the soldiers are as we are reading.
As I am dyslexic, reading can be a difficult task for me, depending on the text, I need to read it multiple times to grasp what the text is about. Even though the syntax and diction Junger uses in War is rather simplistic as a whole, it still didn’t make it easy for me to entirely understand what was going on in it. His writing style isn’t one that I enjoy and can…

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