`` War `` By Norman Whitfield And Barrett Strong Essay

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Normally I would avoid cliché terms and avoid referencing overly used pop culture references, but this one is very appropriate given the topic. “War” originally written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong was one of the first politically charged Motown songs wrote in protest of the Vietnam War. First sang by the Temptations this song became the first of many Motown songs to declare political protests on the world climate, but for my generation many recognize the song as being soulfully shouted by Edwin Starr. The first line and subsequent famous chorus line being, “War, What is it good for?” has been muttered, shouted, mumbled, and sang by millions of people for over 40 years. The song says absolutely nothing, but I disagree. I think there is a place for war in this world still, and I think it serves a purpose.
If my introduction is any indication of my alignment I would have to say that I am firmly entrenched in the just war theory. I fully believe in the necessity of war, but I also believe that if we are too maintain the vestiges of our humanity and the progress paid for in the blood of our forefathers over the last 240 years then we must reaffirm our attachments to both just means and just cause. I believe strongly in the just war theory, not just because of my own moral attachment to the need for justice be it swift and/or strong armed by measure, but because it has a strong historical background. Ancient cultures governed by law and sometimes religion set forth…

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