War, By Carl Von Clausewitz Essay

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There are many differing opinions on war and the motivation to fight in it. In Carl von Clausewitz’s famous document, On War, he goes in depth about his specific views on war. Clausewitz says that the ideology that people feel for the war is what motivates them to fight and this motivation is in direct correlation with the violence in the war, but I believe that it is people’s desire for change that motivates them to fight in the war. Though Clausewitz makes good points throughout On War, I believe that he missed this one. When people are not pleased with their current environment or with something that has happened, they want it to change. It is this passion and desire for change that motivates the people to actually take a stand. Just because people feel strongly about issues in the war does not mean that they will be willing to fight for or against something. But when people are passionate for a change in their country, their situation, or in reaction to an event that has taken place; then the people will take a stand and will be motivated to fight for it.
Clausewitz says that the stronger that people feel about the war, the more motivated they will be to fight in it. This motivation to fights is what leads to how violent the war is. In On War, Clausewitz says that “the greater and more powerful the motives of a war, the more it affects the whole existence of a people, the more violent the excitement which precedes the war” (von Clausewitz). When there are more powerful…

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