War And The Middle Eastern Wars Essay

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War is considered by many to be one of humanity’s central traits as an advancing species and as such it holds a heavy influence on our past, present and future. From warring tribes in Africa during the dawn of man to the great Empires of Greece and Persia warfare has always been present, whether this war is for defense of a homeland and families, to conquest for more power and wealth or freedom from persecution and oppression. These forces drive mankind and have pushed us technologically and socially. While war may be a central aspect of mankind it is something that causes deep felt feelings and views that bring forward strong emotions in many people. It is from these deep feeling and emotions that we see famous poems created and revealed that demonstrate how war by that specific person is perceived. These poems also help represent the view of the people as we have culturally evolved in our view of war and conflict from the early 20th Century when war was glorified and considered great to recent campaigns such as the Vietnam War and the Middle Eastern Wars when war has been shunned by many people around the world. These poems help represent war in a way that mirrors that of the populous and the wider view of war at the time. From Rupert Brooke’s “The Soldier”, where war was considered a noble pursuit, and John Maggee’s “High Flight” which represented a sense of wonder and adventure in war that would have been a driving factor for many of the young enlisting to fight, the…

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