Essay about War and Peace Among Peoples and Nations

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War and Peace Among Peoples and Nations: A Historical Examination of the development of World War II, and the impact on Europe and the world.


Instructor: Dr Aubrey A. Thompson.

Course/Class: History 102.

Date: Monday, April 8th, 2011


Dating back to ancient civilizations, humans have always engaged in war and conquests. With civilization, man seems to have developed two sets of opposing traits: individualistic traits like selfishness and competitiveness versus sociable traits like loyalty, self-sacrifice and kindness. The first set of
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In the Seven Years’ War, France was Britain’s archenemy and Britain often supported and financed enemy states of France. Britain and Russia also feuded over Russia’s advancement into Indian Territory in the 18th Century. [6] Nations expanded their military forces as they expanded their land and it was not long before wars ensued. The war between Japan and Russia, in 1904, halted Russia’s expansion into the Far East and Russia’s defeat was Britain’s victory as Japan and Britain were allies.[7] Germany rose to become a First-class power and became Britain’s rival as she joined the imperialist race, searching for colonies and colliding with British forces in many countries. This eventually led to the First World War resulting in the defeat of Germany in 1918.


The Second World War II started about twenty years after the First World War and it was a direct result of the incomplete resolution of the First World War[8]. It could not have been easily predicted that just twenty years after a grueling series of battles had claimed the lives of 10 million young men, another war was on the brink of causing the death of another 50 million people. In the interwar years, European economies continued expanding and increased income from taxes were used to fund military equipment and training of soldiers as each country witnessed the importance of a strong military force in the

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