War Against Gangs In Guatemala

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Juan Luis, chichi, Juana, Chico, Marlon, these are only some of the names of my family members that were victims of the war against gangs in Guatemala. Guatemala is a country that is located below Mexico and is bordered by El Salvador and Honduras. Guatemala is a country that has wonderful weather it is not to cold and not too hot. The USA is known for its impressive diversity, an Univision soccer commentator calls the soccer team “the team of all” for a reason. USA’s location in the world map lets it also have a real crazy weather. The weather can be real cold or real hot. With all its beauty Guatemala has some issues that I feel the USA does not have as much. Guatemala and USA differ so much in the aspects of how we live, the crime rate, …show more content…
Other than all the murders that happen in any given day in Guatemala. Guatemala a lot of people suffer from cops that do not want to do their job right and ask for favors in order for them to help you. I remember a time my mom was getting threat of death by this neighbor and my mom went to report it and the police asked her what she was going to give him in order for him to go through with the complaint and the police wanted my mom to give him some sexual favor which my mom denied to him and she could make a complain. The ambulances in Guatemala are not very convenient, the ambulance will get to your house by the time the person is already dead or is getting ready to die, and nobody respects them. There are also limited amount of ambulances in Guatemala so it real hard for one to come to your door. The main problem in Guatemala are the gangs that are trying to take over the country, the gangs in Guatemala do not leave you alone if they see you prospering life. Want to have a business in Guatemala, you have to pay your neighborhood like a rent in order for you to have it. If you have a house you cannot denied the gang member to stay at your home or they kill you and take your stuff. This is the main reason that in every neighborhood you go through you will always see a house there is nobody living there because they stood up to the gangs and got kicked out of their house either by fear or the gangs itself. Those house are called because only your soul and maybe some strange one are living there. The Guatemalan society is growing tired of these gangs trying to control their live but if they stand up to them they will forever be a target, the crime is in Guatemala is not the only thing that contact to

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