War Advertisement Analysis

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In this advertisement, the author seeks to persuade the audience to contribute to the war by purchasing war bonds. This photo is geared towards the American people, particularly the workforce. This ad generates an emotion towards the American people by showing them that they can participate and help win this current war; even without having to be in the military. This also brings a sense of patriotism to Americans. If they purchase war bonds, then they will be protecting their homeland. In this photo, the author attempts to reach his audience through the use of pathos and ethos. These tactics are reaching the audience through an emotional level, which triggers an action and produces essential persuasion. This advertisement is persuading the …show more content…
With visual rhetoric techniques, authors make use of pathos, by appealing to the audience’s emotions, which creates greater persuasive influence. The author’s incorporation of the colors red and white, help reach Americans through the technique of pathos. The creator wanted to make his audience feel that if they bought war bonds, they would be contributing towards this war. Citizens felt persuaded to invest their money into war bonds because the fighters that were at war, were currently battling for their own safety and security. In order to keep their security, Americans felt the need to back the military fighters. Through the use of ethos, the creditability for the government was very high. Americans felt comfortable investing their money into the government for this war. When this poster was created in nineteen forty- two in the heart of World War two, there were definitely worry and anxiousness among the United States. This poster really hit upon that nerve by producing illustrations that appealed to Americans through pathos and ethos. Through the use of these rhetorical techniques, the author persuaded the American people to buy war bonds to keep their country

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