Want To Become A Police Officer

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Growing up you see on Halloween children dressing up as police officers or you play cops and robbers. What makes someone want to become a police officer? I can think of some bad and good encounters I had with police officers. A bad one was I was driving in Reading on 12th street the police officer pulled me over saying I was driving crazy. He takes my license registration and proof of insurance he comes back and tells me I have a warrant out for my arrested for not replying to a citation, he say’s “I’m not going to take you because I don’t think you could afford it.” I thought to myself who is he to judge me just because I don’t drive a nice car or I don’t have hundred dollar chain around my neck how does he know what I can and can’t afford. …show more content…
How do suburb and city police feel about each other?
3. What made you want to become a police officer in the first place?
4. What are the best thing and the worst thing that happen while you were working? The first person I talked to is a retired police officer who was the chief of police for Laureldale his name is Fisher. He comes into the place of employment I work at he is a very nice person and his family is the most important to him. He told me he does feel like the media plays a big part in how society views police officers. Officer Fisher says, “You hear about police officers shooting innocent people and unarmed suspects but you never hear when they stop a rape, shooting, drug bust or just help a civilian.” As the conversation continues he tells me of a story of his own it was about five years ago he pulled a person over for speeding. This person had two small children in the car and he could tell this person was nervous about something so he asked the person to get out of the vehicle and come to the back to talk to him. Officer Fisher searches the car, under the driver seat, he finds an unregistered handgun, and behind one of the children car seats, he founds marijuana. He says “I didn’t know what that person’s intention were but what would of happened if them children got injured or killed. I asked Officer Fisher what made him want to be a police officer he says, “ever since I could remember I wanted to become a cop that was my goal in life.” He continues and
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My first interview was with Officer Jones who has been on the force for fifteen years and loves it; he would not trade it for anything in the world. As the conversation started, we talked about things police officers deal with every day and says “the hardest thing to deal with is getting a call when a child is either hurt or killed that sticks with you every day.” I did not ask him for a story I could tell it was something he was not thrilled to talk about. I asked him his view on the media with police officers he responded with “nothing I can do about it but just do my job” he continues with ‘as police officers if we allowed what people say affect us our job will suffer, I deal with different people from different backgrounds every day.” He tells me his father was a police officer and he seen the respect people had for his dad and that is the reason he wanted to become a police officer. He goes on and says he thinks being a police officer in the city you have to be a little tougher just because he feels if someone thinks you are a push over he or she will take advantage of it. Officer Jones does add that does not mean he has less respect for suburb cops as a police officer you put your life on the line every day and anyone willing to do that has my respect. Officer Ortiz was the second officer I interviewed and we had a good conversation. We got on the

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