Wang 's Exploration Of The Evolution Of Sichuanese Cuisine And How It Has Changed The Personal Identity

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Wang’s exploration of the evolution of Sichuanese cuisine and how it has changed the personal identity of the people of the region examines how the notoriously spicy dishes have evolved into what they are today. He questions the history of the dishes, questioning what the original flavour of Sichuan cuisine was before the introduction of the hot pepper to the region. Wang also delves into how the fruit could have impacted the region so deeply and how it transformed the personal identity of the Sichuan region as well as its residents. Before the introduction of the hot pepper, Sichuan cuisine was more mild as it featured the Sichuan pepper rather than the hot pepper. However, its quick and widespread adaption by the Sichuanese into their everyday fare not only changed the diet of the region’s people but also allowed for an overhaul of the prescribed class structures and notions of identity, bringing the people of Sichuan together in a new collective way of understanding the meaning of being “Sichuanese”.

It is imperative to examine how exactly the fruit even made its way into the country. It is commonly known that the hot pepper was relatively unknown outside of the Americas before the 1490s, however exact methods of transmission and its dates are not documented. Two theories suggest that the pepper arrived either by sea or via the silk road from Europe or inland through India. The silk road was an international trade route between China and the Mediterranean that spanned…

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