Wang Lung (the Good Earth) Character Analysis Essay

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Ms. Davis
Magnet World Literature
14 November
Character Analysis

The protagonist of The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck, Wang Lung, is a proud, and ambitious family man who begins life in poverty, living in rural, 19th century China. He is sent to be married by his father when the book starts. Through the first half of the book, his ambition becomes more and more apparent, and he becomes increasingly envious of the Hwang family’s’ success and wealthy lifestyle. He becomes driven to bring himself, and his family out of poverty. In the end, his love of the land helps him to maintain his character, and moral values. ‘“Now will I not eat this meat!” cried Wang Lung angrily. “We will eat meat that we can buy or beg, but not that which we
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He says, “No, I will buy Hwang’s land.” He said ‘Hwang’s land’ as casually as he might have said ‘Ching’s land’—Ching, who was his farmer neighbor. He would become more than equal to these people in the foolish, great, wasteful house.” In this quote, Wang lung is already becoming ambitious to expand his family’s land and become more powerful than the Hwangs themselves. He nonchalantly proclaims that he will buy the Hwang’s land and soon become richer than them. Despite all of this, Wang lung is still just a simple country man. His culture is based on self and family honor and he is as a result, very proud of himself, and has a lot of pride. While he is ambitious, and willing to do almost anything to help his family, he also wants to expand his family line and become wealthy. This want of wealth and status is something that Wang lung passes down to his sons. In his old age, he watches his sons make the same mistakes as the Hwangs, (spending too much, buying trivial thing) but lives out the rest of his life the opposite of how he came into the world: as a rich, self-made, family

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