Walter Mitty

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In the short story “The secret life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber, it talks about a man by the name Walter Mitty. Walter seems to have many daydreams between the real life things he is doing. It starts with Walter being the commander of a Navy Hydroplane in the middle of a storm, while in reality he was driving his car and the engine reminded him of a Navy Hydroplane. There are many themes for Walter, and what triggers his daydreams along with many conflicts, three of these things being; the things he does and the sights around him trigger the daydreams, he has a man vs. man conflict with his wife and the cop, and he has a man vs. self conflict and what his life has become.

Walter Mitty gets triggered by things he hears, things he sees,
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There is another theme within the story, “Puppy biscuit,” said Walter Mitty.” on page 68. Of this short story. In this situation this would be considered a man vs. self conflict, as he is trying to remember what he needs to get because his wife told him. To remember this puppy biscuit he needed to buy he was in a daydream before. His daydreams as we can see, helps him with the daily tasks he must complete. This pushes the story with another daydream. First he had a man vs. man conflict with his wife, but he has more man vs. man conflicts within just the story. For example on page 66. “Pick it up, brother!” snapped a cop” is when Walter was distracted within his dreams and was stalling at a red light. Many of these things affect Walter in a negative way. His daydreams are not always helpful in reality, while they may help him remember things, these dreams will interfere within the interactions he has with other people like the cop and parking attendant who told him to watch out whilst parking. Within this short story Walter’s daydreams may help him complete his personal tasks, they also get in the way for others causing many man vs. man conflicts and some man vs. self conflicts.

In “The secret life of Walter Mitty” many different things can trigger Walter’s daydreams, he has a man vs. man conflict between his wife and others, and he has some man vs. self conflict for what his life has become. Within his daily tasks, he struggles, when he tries to help his boredom, it impacts others, when he daydreams, it also impacts others. Even within this short story by James Thurber, we can see many conflicts of Walter Mitty showing through his daily

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