Walter Mitty Themes

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The film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty follows an unimpressive white-collar man as he finds his life thrown into scenarios he would otherwise only have imagined. Walter Mitty goes from working as a negative assets manager in a crowded workplace to swimming in shark infested waters and climbing the Himalayas. Undergoing such a drastic change, over the course of the film, Ben Stiller employs a variety of directorial choices to further enhance how Walter Mitty had to isolate not only his mind, but his body, to come to terms with what he was meant to do with his life. In the beginning, Mitty was a man who went to work every day and never expected anything extraordinary to happen. Not having a way of physically escaping reality, his normal life, …show more content…
At first, he stalls the problem, avoiding struggle as much as he can, afraid to push back against the oh-so-intelligent Beard-Face, but later comes to realise that he has to take initiative and search for number 25, “the quintessence of life”. As we see him leave, the cinematic choice to have him walk past a series of Life Magazine covers and end with one of him with the captions “Making of a Brave Man”, this cleverly outlines the movie and gives him the encouragement he needs to embark on this journey of self-discovery. He commences his quest and ends up in a very barren place. Though alone and very unsure of himself, Walter does not hesitate to choose the red car, the colour having being picked for a very specific reason, to symbolise risk taking and the entering into an adventurous mindset. Ending up in a shabby diner, he almost backs down from getting a chance to get closer to Sean O'Connell. Ultimately deciding to get on the helicopter, Walter owes this courageous split second to an imaginary Cheryl. She sings to him Space Oddity which is all about what you can experience when you take a leap and distance yourself from reality to transform into someone new. Ben Stiller chose this song because this is what Mitty is going through, he must leave the capsule and his comfort zone and take a leap of faith, literally, and emerge himself in the

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