Walter Mitty Is Representative Of The Modern Man Essay

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Walter Mitty is representative of the modern man

“Mitty [Mit-ee] (noun)
(informal) a person who imagines that their life is full of excitement and adventures when it is in fact just ordinary.”

The Juxtaposition of real life events to daydreams are important features in the text in which we are led to question Walter’s sanity. The text both starts and ends in Walter’s fantasies, and he only comes back into the real world when someone pulls him out of them. Walter’s daydreams play such a vital role in the text to the point that we question whether he is living in the real world or not. This view on the contrast of Walter’s fantasies with real life scenes is also shared by someone who believes that “the plot of the fantasies themselves and not the plot of the real world dominates the text’s action”. This is a logical conclusion to come to as it seems that walter’s fantasies are merely interrupted by life, usually by his wife’s commanding orders “Not so fast! You’re driving too fast!”. Wilfred Guerin also comments on the relationship between daydreams and real life and believes that Walter’s “capacity for heroic vision enhance the “incongruous juxtaposition” underlying in the story”. Although Guerin is correct that there is an obvious juxtaposition in the story, the relationship between dreams and reality, although they sound like completely contrasting idea, Thurber has crafted the story so that the reader can see the relationship between Walter’s day dreams and reality so…

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