Walt Disney 's Disney With The Dream Builder Award Essay

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Of course we all have heard of Walt Disney and the many theme parks he has in his name around the world. I want you to think of a world however without Disneyland. Scary right? Well this “Disneyland-lacking” world would have been a reality if it wasn’t for his brother Roy Disney, who took care all of financial side of the Walt Disney Company in its early years. After personally being a cast member at Walt Disney World, I have always been inspired to teach people about the history of the Walt Disney Company. With this inspiration I am honored to award Roy Disney with The Dream Builder Award. We’ll first talk about a little history of Roy Disney and how he establish such a world renowned company. Next we will look at the legacy and impact Roy Disney has made. Finally we will take a look at The Dream Builder Award and why Roy Disney is a perfect recipient for it. To start off, let’s turn back the clock and really see what events helped Roy Disney and his brother build their company. Born on June 24th, 1893 in Chicago, Illinois, Roy Oliver Disney was always more serious than his creative younger brother Walter Elias Disney. the parents of Roy Disney were owners of a newspaper delivery route for the Kansas City Star. Roy quickly found himself discovering a liking for running a business. Moving on, after graduating high school Roy served in the army for four years then found himself living in Los Angeles, California with his brother Walt founding the Disney Bros Studio in 1923.In…

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