Walt Disney : The Best Company Essay

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Walt Disney Company Stock
Rose Coleman, Speech #2, Kristiana Baez 56 T 11:10
Subject Sentence: Walt Disney Company is the best company to invest in if you want to make money over time and instantly.
Introduction: Walt Disney is the best company to invest in because it is a widely know brand and therefore brings in lots of revenue, it has many different ways of bringing in revenue, and the price of a stock is $91.30 and increases at .18%.
I. Walt Disney is popular.
A. It is a company that is known all over the world for their amusement parks, movies, and merchandise to go along with both.
a. Magic Kingdom part of Walt Disney World in USA is ranked the number one theme park in the world with 20.49 million visitors each year.
b. Out of the top 10 theme parks in the world, 8 are Disney owned.
B. Because of this, people will always know the brand name.
II. Walt Disney Company has lots of revenue.
A. The Walt Disney Company makes lots of revenue each year through many different pathways.
a. They have Disney World, Disney Land and parks in other countries as well, movie franchises (own famous brands such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones), they own parts of TV channels, cruise lines, and have thousands of stores that sell products (toys).
b. Because of all of the different ways that the company brings in revenue, it is nearly impossible for them to become bankrupt something that is not a great thing for stock owners in that company as depending on the stock they have,…

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