Walt Disney Speech Essay

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Class time: Tuesday 7-10

Identifying Data
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about Walt Disney and his early year struggles, the support of the war time effort, and the legacy that he has left us.
Central Idea: Walt Disney had many ups and downs in his life that really took a toll on him at times, but in time he beat it and became a great success.
Type of Speech: Informative
Organizational Pattern: Person

AG: Ever feel like things aren’t working out? Did you ever feel like you were a failure, or even wished you had more success? Walt Disney had experienced that a lot in his life before he became the success he is today.

(In any order) Thesis: Mr. Walt Disney is a man that had many struggles that he had
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Trans: Now that we know about some of the War time posters that Disney had an influence on let’s look at the legacy that Disney has left since we all see how big of a success that all his work had become.

III. By the end of his career, Disney had gone from a struggling artist to this great visionary. A. Walt Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards won. B. He is known for his relentless work ethic and vision. 1. Had a profound sense of what

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