Essay on Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Management Strategy

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Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Management Strategy & Policy

For my final paper I chose to discuss The Walt Disney Company. Since the Company is so large and made up of four primary business segments, I decided to focus on one particular segment: Parks and Resorts. This segment is composed of the theme parks, cruise-line, and vacation club resorts. The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts strive to be the leader in innovative and creative family entertainment in the world. The mission of The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts is to provide “magical” experiences to all guests that visit our Parks and Resorts. We use technology, innovation, and imagination to create a unique entertainment experience comparable to nothing else.
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economic decrease actually ended up boosting the attendance at the theme parks. This is because families weren’t able to afford big vacations to Hawaii and Europe but they still wanted to have a vacation, so they went to a Disney park for a day or two because it was more affordable. The macro-environment plays a big role for the Parks and Resorts. Since the company is global and has parks in different countries, all of these macro-environment components vary in each country/region. This can be very difficult to manage since decisions about the company have to be based on each individual theme park. Some of these components, such as natural environment, play a huge role in park attendance. In this industry, park attendance is the key factor to success. The Walt Disney Company Parks and Resorts faces many competitive forces. The first of these is competition from rival sellers. Although Disney does offer a truly unique entertainment experience, people do enjoy going to other theme parks. Six Flags for example is known for their record breaking rollercoasters. Disney doesn’t offer a lot of roller coasters, so people who want that thrill are likely to go to Six Flags over a Disney park. Universal Studios focuses on themed rides. Although Disney’s rides are themed, it’s not to the extent that Universal does. The thing that sets Disney apart over the other competitors is not only its storytelling but its superb guest satisfaction. In the amusement park industry,

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