Walt Disney Leadership Analysis

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Overview of Walt Disney
The Walt Disney Company which has a celebrated history in the entertainment industry is a leading international family entertainment and media enterprise which started on October 16, 1923, in Los Angeles when Walter Elias Disney and his brother Roy formed the Disney Brothers Studio in Hollywood, California. The ideas that created the magic of the Walt Disney Company began when Walt Disney, just as a teen began to draw cartoons. He followed his dreams of drawing cartoons with a passion for animation, and later invented the iconic character that everyone identifies with as “Mickey Mouse.
Disney is one of the most legendary names in the animation industry, known for providing entertainment directed to adults and children; with global theme parks, a world-class animation studio, and business franchise,
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These senior leaders are also committed to the growth of their employees because they treat each employee as a unique person and they allow their employees to identify with something greater than themselves. It is no surprise that Walt Disney Company also operates a Transformational Leadership Style. (McAfee, 2014) argues that the late Walt Disney adopted and used the transformational leadership style when he created a culture of excellence and a smooth atmosphere for all his employees by enlisting his employees into his vision and encouraging them to act. Even though Walt Disney is late, his leadership style continues to be very much effective in the company. Disney Institute in (2016) said that the senior leaders of the company are taught that a leaders’ goal is not perfection, but to identify his or her imperfections and professionally pull the strenght of other team members to fill in the

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