Walt Disney Expanded Into International Markets Essay

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Walt Disney expanded into international markets, in places like Tokyo, and Hong Kong (Encyclopedia, 2014). The park was opened in 1983 as Disney’s first franchise to leave the United States and appeal to a broader audience. In Japanese society the fertility rates are some of the lowest in the world. In 2010 70.8% of the visitors were over the age of 18. In that the same year females made up 71% of the 25.4 million visitors (Sanchanta, 2011). The park has found that the vast majority of visitor’s to the park are from Tokyo or a relatively nearby city. The theme park relies on repeaters and visitors who come multiple times a month to meet daily goals. One 25 year old woman waiting to take her picture with Mickey Mouse said “I love the mood here and I visit three to four times a month," (Sanchanta, 2011,). Disney Hong Kong opened on September 12, 2005 and attracted nearly five to six million people, both domestically and internationally on opening day. “It took the nine months of intense and detailed negotiations, with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government and the Walt Disney Company to reach a preliminary agreement on the proposed Hong Kong Disneyland and resorts” ( Tsai, & Liu, 2011, P.1-21). The Hong Kong theme park has created almost 36,000 jobs and has accumulated about $148 billion in profits for the local economy over the last 40 years. The Hong Kong park marked the Walt Disney Co. 's first park in China and 11th…

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