Essay about Walt Disney Company Case Analysis

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The Walt Disney Company has been known to more than just the Americans. It has made a worldwide impact in the entertainment industry for several years. With the popularity of the Walt Disney Company, it was no question for them to expand into something bigger than just their media output. The success of the Disneyland theme park in the USA has made quite an impression internationally. So much so that the number of foreign or non-American citizens visiting the original Disneyland theme park was something to take note of. Through extensive research and planning, Disney was motivated enough to create theme parks around the world. By doing this, Disney was staying true to its mission:

“The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to be one
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With this said, the target market of Hong Kong Disneyland doesn’t seem to lie on the Hong Kong residents themselves, but rather the tourists of Hong Kong. Disney had to make a large investment in order to make it more accessible to the outsiders who had to go out of their way to visit the park as compared to in Tokyo where the residents are the target market.
Disney made use of the convenience of Hong Kong’s all-around railway stations. This cause them to invest in creating a stop especially for Hong Kong Disneyland visitors. They also invested in making Hong Kong Disneyland a straight from the airport location to make it easier for the tourists.
Disney had to make several adjustments to be able to incorporate the Chinese culture into the theme park so that they could attract their target market, family-oriented Asians. Due to Chinese traditions and several groups eager to fight for their beliefs, Hong Kong Disneyland encountered several problems where they had to adjust to these activists and make decisions that could please or anger their customers which caused them to put out more money as compared to the other Disney theme parks. Without the large investment, Hong Kong Disneyland wouldn’t have been a success because if it weren’t accessible, it wouldn’t have been a preference to their target market. The several external factors have different effects on the theme park depending on which country

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