Walt Disney Case Analysis

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Walt Disney Company for eighty years has captured the attentions of millions of people around the world, offering family entertainment at theme parks, resorts, recreations, movies, TV shows, radio programming, and memorabilia
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The SWOT analysis is designed to advise the company of their strategy need to gain a competitive advantage. These items are key factors for Disney that needs to be addressed internally. The most important factor would be diversity and the target audience, customers are vital to the success of an organization, therefore, the target audience should not be limited. The company must reach a wide variety of people to maintain success in the future. With Disney's history, these factors are highly attainable as long as Disney formulates and executes effective strategies. A SWOT Matrix for Disney is below:
DISNEY SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES 1 Diversification 1 High Operational Costs 2 Popular Brand Name 2 Unchanged
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A company of this magnitude and diversity is quite difficult to manage. Disney faces many threats and obstacles based off the information from the IFE, EFE, CPM, and SWOT matrixes, these threats must have a concrete strategy against them. Their competition is growing as time progresses which will create more difficulty for Disney to stay at the top of the industry. With the economy on a down slope, this leaves room for families to take the time and travel if affordable. Disney has Cruise Lines and several theme parks, families still adore Disney and would love to take a rather inexpensive vacation, this is the time for Disney to increase their advertisements on special more economic friendly packages for the families. This is also the time for more studio productions to build up the Media Network business segment. Technology is a growing concern with Disney, they must use their expertise to stay ahead of the competition, increase their internet traffic by creating more websites for every generation. As a final strategy, possibly invest or acquire their competition, this will allow the two companies to strategize together to create an even greater business venture which can ultimately provide Disney with competitive advantage. Walt Disney’s current strategies have been effective over the last few years, proven by the increase in revenue and operating income despite their weaknesses

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