Walmart 's Biggest Asset Is A Biggest Flaw Essay

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As with many things, the data mart’s biggest asset is also its biggest flaw. And the biggest problem with data marts is that they are compartmentalized. Only one group of people can access that information. If that group wants additional data, it must be gathered from a different data mart or data warehouse and brought to their data mart (Westerman 13). When this happens there can be numerous warehouses to maintain, which is not desired. Wal-Mart advises to wait until the data warehouse is established to build the data marts. By doing so the data flow is less complex. The data flows from the functional systems into the warehouse and then on to the data marts. This flow strategy can make it easy and relatively quick to build data marts for special groups of people with similar needs as well as maintain a central entry-wide data warehouse.
There are different types of data warehouses; three of the types are information processing, analytical processing and data mining. The information processing data warehouse processes the data which it houses. The data can be processed by means of querying, basic statistical analysis, reporting using crosstabs, tables, charts, or graphs (Tutorialspoint 4). An analytical processing warehouse supports the analytical processing of the information collected. The data can be analyzed by means of basic OLAP operations, including slice-and-dice, drill down, drill up, and pivoting (Tutorialspoint 4). Data mining supports the knowledge…

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