Essay on Walmart : Target, Dillons, Hyvee, And Walmart

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The four retailers that I used for my comparison are Target, Dillons, Hyvee, and Walmart. The items I chose to compare at these retailers are 2% milk, Eggs, Turkey, Hot dog buns, Ketchup, Mayo and Brownie mix. I found it interesting to see the different variety from store to store as well as the price differences. The first retailer I went to was Target. Target would be considered a supercenter because they provide some grocery items as well as clothes, home d├ęcor, and toys. The target market for this retailer is anyone looking for a one-stop shopping experience. Someone who wants to go to one store and get everything they need in a quick and easy trip. They chose this market because there are only a few large providers that offer a similar experience and Target is large enough to be a player in that market. Target strives to stratify the needs of the target market by being a clean and some what upper-scaled shopping venue. They have more specialty items then the other stores. Target has a credit card you can purchase to help loyal customers earn discounts and they have their in house brands that are higher quality then some of the other retailers and that provides an advantage for them if their customers are looking for a higher quality product. The customer will know exactly what they are getting every time they go to a Target store. I would say their strategy is very effective. There were a lot of people in the Target store I went to and they had a lot of products on…

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