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When it comes to Walmart and what it pays its employees, there are many different views on the issue. No matter what the argument is, the median wage that Walmart pays its employees is $8.81 with little to no benefits, which would be equal to about $15,576 a year if that employee were to work 34 hours every week. That’s more than 6,000 dollars under the poverty level of a family of 4 and 3 dollars less than the national average cashier makes. Even if one were to think this to be passable, they would have to realize that Walmart can afford to pay their employees much more than what they are, and still make a profit doing so. In fact, if Walmart were to raise their wages up to 12 dollars an hour, then there would only be a small change in price …show more content…
In the 2010 census, the study showed that almost 30 percent of households have only one parent present in the home. There are many problems that single parents come to face when they are trying to raise a family. For many of these families, it is very hard for them to find work that can be flexible to their schedule, since many of these parents need to make sure that they can be home to take care of their children, and get them to school on time. This can also become tough because many of single parents that make below a livable wage have jobs that don’t allow sick days, and are at a higher risk to be fired than people in higher wage jobs. In fact, 60 percent of single parent households have an income below poverty, and this is even higher with African American children, where 66 percent of children are poor. In these households, 32 percent of the parent’s weekly income will be spend on childcare alone, and that can nearly double when there is more than one child in the household. This forces many parents to move in with family members or friends that won’t charge them rent, so they can afford to provide for their children. Children that grow up in single parent households are more likely to also become single parents as well when they get older. They are also more likely to become younger parents than children that are raised in two parent households, and are more likely to become unemployed as well. On a more cognitive level, these children have trouble adapting to change and have trouble making emotional adjustments. However, despite all of these hardships single parents have to face, it is also proven that growing up in a single parent household teaches children more responsibility and discipline than compared to children in other

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