Walmart Management and Leadership Analysis Essay

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Wal-Mart Management and Leadership Analysis


Organizational Behavior and Group Dynamics/Mgt 330

November 11, 2009
Ronald Sprague

Wal-Mart Management and Leadership Analysis

Wal-Mart is arguably the most dynamic corporation in the last 50 years in the United States, if not the world. Arising from its beginnings in Bentonville, Arkansas, it has grown to over 4,400 discount stores, super centers and corner markets worldwide. Wal-Mart continues to expand despite public criticism of its labor practices as well as complaints about their treatment of competitors. The many strengths of Wal-Mart, like their low cost production and marketing practices, will aid Wal-Mart as it continues to grow in the retail
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Another strategy an organizational manager can use to increase the overall health of the workplace culture is to allow their subordinates the freedom to take risks, within appropriate limits. Extremes – reckless, excessive risk-taking and stifling, unwarranted control – threaten organizations, but the freedom to take risks allows creativity. Empowering employees with the proper authority also saves time and money for the corporation by reducing the amount of employees that need to be involved in every transaction. For example, empowering a front-line Wal-Mart associate to complete return or exchange transactions without management approval can 1) make employees feel more powerful because they can fully complete their job without constantly interrupting members of management; and 2) reducing stress for both associates and managers by removing the necessity for managers to constantly return to the return desk.
For an organization to remain competitive in today’s ever evolving environment, it must consistently look for opportunities to grow as a business as well as reduce costs and increase efficiency. By expanding to an international marketplace, corporations expose themselves to an array of reduced labor costs and possibly decreased raw material costs. In addition, a corporation may be subject to lower taxation. All of these diminished costs can increase company profits and

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