Walmart Change Implementation Analysis : Walmart Essay

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Walmart Change Implementation Analysis Summary
Walmart was started on a large visionary change. Sam Walton, the founder, started Walmart when no other stores existed like the Walmart we know and appreciate today as consumers. The company was founded on a change. Walmart was created to change how retail worked and no other retail store had yet offered lower prices with great service like walmart was created to aim towards. As Walmart is approached with a merger of BIGGER Company, Inc., there is a specific process that needs to be followed to make for a successful culture change in the organization. Before any specific approaches are used to create the merge, it needs to be established that the leaders of the company play a very vital role in the change. Next, the start of the change needs to start with one of the three layers of organizational culture. The company needs to focus on the organizational culture layer that plays an important role with Walmart as an already established company because it is very important to consider how the current culture is is aligned with the set in place vision the company has (Kreitner 73). This structured change approach is inevitable to have a more simple change for a merger and an easier change to the company 's existing culture. After the culture and any issues that exist are acknowledged, it is time for the company to move on with the merging process. The merging companies need to exchange the beliefs and norms that are preferred by…

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