Walmart Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… This market has recently started to include a growing market segment called e-tailing. Internet e-tailing offers many opportunities and problems to many companies, and Wal-Mart is no different. Issues such as cost of delivery, merchandise returns, and data security are concerns which must be addressed before creating a website. If any of these aspects are missed a company’s name and brand image could get permanently damaged. Wal-Mart moved into the e-tailing in 1996 with Wal-Mart on-line but it re-launched its site, with an easier site, in 2000. Wal-Mart tries to create an in store feeling to its website. Unfortunately they have found it hard to replicate their in store atmosphere. On their website there are a lot of offers of less expensive prices, just like a store, but there is no feeling of community on the websites. This aspect is nearly impossible to get on a website as there is no actual location for the website. Apart from this flaw in the website I believe all the crucial aspects have met. This, along with wal-marts great brand name will allow the website to flourish. Target whom is one of Wal-Mart’s competitors has a very similar website. Everything is easily found and Data and security can be addressed with ease. The only difference I found was that Wal-Mart’s page was showing more prices than Targets. This emphasizes Wal-Mart’s marketing technique. K-Mart has a similar website to Target and Wal-Mart. Once again it easy to use and security is sound and concerns can be voiced and answered easily. Like Target and unlike Wal-Mart there is little mention of price. This shows me Target and K-Mart are trying to compete less on cost leadership and more on …show more content…
It could be considered as one of the world’s largest companies and in fact it does count itself as the second biggest. Domestically it operates about 4000 stores and hopes to open one everyday in 2004. Internationally it has 1300 stores and this number is set to grow dramatically. This global strength is an obvious strength because gives them a great brand name and also allows them to loan money at lower rate. Strong management and a good employee development program is another company strength. Its management has been strong and keeps the company moving in the right direction. In its training programs high potential individuals are identified and developed into strong managers. This idea of hiring within and looking after its employees allows the firm to show good employee loyalty and friendly

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