Walmart Case Analysis Essay

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It is no secret that Walmart is one of the most well-known retail organizations in the United States, perhaps even in the world. A businessman with vision set out to prove that discount stores can be successful (Sam Walton Biography, n.d.). Throughout this paper it is my intent to provide an analysis of the Walmart organization. In my analysis I plan discuss a few issues the company is facing, and the impact of those issues. I will also provide strategies to help combat those issues and provide my plan of action recommendation.
Company Profile Walmart is a big name American company founded by Samuel Walton in Rogers, Arkansas back in 1962 (Our History, n.d.). Prior to the opening of Walmart Samuel Walton often known as “Mr. Sam,” was the
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The company is divided into three segments: Sam’s club, Walmart U.S. and Walmart International (Walmart Stores Inc., 2016). Sam’s club provides memberships in the United States for the company’s warehouse membership clubs, and Walmart U.S. provides financial services to include bill pay, wire transfers and money orders (Walmart Stores Inc., 2016). Walmart International contains several types of retail stores, restaurants, and wholesale clubs (Walmart Stores Inc., 2016). By the early 1980s the Walmart brand earned its first $1 billion in yearly sales revenue; this amount of growth was the fastest of its time (Our History, n.d.). The Sam’s Club segment first opened in 1983, the organization worked to provide products for both businesses and individuals by offering both supermarket items and common items (Our History, n.d.). By the late 1980s the first Walmart Supercenter was born (Our History, n.d.). In the early 1990s Walmart went global by joining up with the Mexican market Cifra, and opened a Sam’s Club in Mexico City, Mexico (Our History, n.d.). In 1993 the company marked its first week of earning $1billion dollars in sales revenue (Our History, n.d.). By the mid-1990s the company opened its first store in China, revenue then skyrocketed to reach $100 billion dollars in sales per year (Our History, n.d.). The late 1990s and 2000s was a remarkable time for the company. The company expanded its business to the United Kingdom, Japan, and India (Our History, n.d.). was launched, and the company exceeded the $400 billion annual sales mark for the first time (Our History, n.d.). By 2011, the company teamed up with companies in South Africa which sent the organization well past 10,000 retail elements all over the world (Our History, n.d.). Presently Walmart has over 1.5 million employees in the United States alone (Our History,

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